Anodised Aluminium Nameplates for the Office

Name Plates can be the ultimate desk accessory. Available in a range of materials they make fantastic corporate gifts for employees or where appropriate an ideal personal gift. What better way to congratulate a family member’s new job, or a spouse’s promotion than with a nice looking name plate. A sophisticated looking name plate would look great in a home office and could even inspire a graduate to find a new job. As cliché, as it sounds, having a name plate on your desk, makes you feel good and helps motivates you to work hard. A nameplate helps people to identify a product’s name instantly. There are great places to print information like a designer label attached to clothing or the name of a company on their entrance door. Continue reading “Anodised Aluminium Nameplates for the Office”

Payroll Accounting Professionals – How They Can Be Helpful for Your Business

Payroll Accounting Professionals together with other service assistance is extremely useful in saving a business money and time. Many businesses think that they can’t afford to hire a professional Payroll Accountant, however; the fact is that you can afford to hire even if it is one. Keeping track of your income and expenditures on a day to day basis is paramount to success. When any firm gets busy, the initial and foremost thing they suffer is bookkeeping of that company. A company just cannot operate efficiently and effectively unless it is well aware of its profit and loss margins. Continue reading “Payroll Accounting Professionals – How They Can Be Helpful for Your Business”

Office Lighting – it has to be Right

Whether your office is part of your home, is housed in a separate building or is within a larger office complex, the lighting has to be right. For a space that is designed for working, lighting is so important. It will help you to be more productive in your office and, if you employ staff, will help them to be more comfortable and to be as productive as possible.

Think about the positioning of your windows when designing the lighting for your office. They should not be positioned behind a computer screen and if this is unavoidable, you should install solid blinds so that it’s possible to block out the glare when needed. It may be more beneficial to install roof lights to let in more natural light without directly affecting the computer screen. You should also make sure the artificial lighting you use is adequate, for the times when there isn’t enough natural light. Think about a suspended ceiling and soft yet bright lighting that is as close to sunlight as possible.

Choosing the Perfect Desk

A desk is the central part of any office space. It’s where you will be sitting, completing work and carrying out all your tasks, so it has to inspire you. Therefore, choosing the right one for you is essential. We have put together a checklist to help you find the right desk for you:

  • Decide what your budget is. Desks can be bought incredibly cheaply, but they might also come in at quite a high price if you want a more premium option. Decide what is right for you and don’t go over your budget. There are lots of options available, so if you don’t find the perfect desk straight away, don’t panic.
  • Think about height. Make sure that the desk you want will fit with your existing chair, or any new chair that you might be considering buying. Think about how it will feel for you to work at it and be careful not to choose furniture that will leave you either unable to reach it properly or stooping over.
  • See the desk in real life if you can. This will help you to understand how it looks, how practical it is and how usable it is for you personally.
  • Decide on the look that is right for you. Do you need something that is functional and long-lasting like plastic or pretend wood, or will you only settle for real wood? How important is appearance to you, and will you be willing to compromise for comfort and price?
  • Don’t choose style over substance. It’s all very well having a beautiful mahogany desk that takes centre stage in your office, but it has to be comfortable too. If you select a wooden desk, make sure it is finished well and won’t leave splinters. Also check things like height, width and the amount of space you will have for storage.

Creating an Office – how to Use Space Wisely

It can be easier to build a home office than you think. You don’t need to have lots of space available or have a specific room that you want to use in full. An office can simply be a corner, part of a breakfast bar, a part of your living room, a wall in your bedroom… the list goes on. Here are some tips to help you utilise your space wisely:

You see, it’s not so difficult to work from home. We have put together a list of ways you can use your space to its full potential:

  • Choose the right chair. It might not be the smallest – after all, you want to be comfortable – but if you choose something comfortable, stylish and modern, it will make a statement and look great at your desk, whichever room it might be in.
  • Make sure you have adequate storage. You might want to get a filing cabinet where you can store all of the important files you need for work. Try to save as much as you can digitally to prevent the need to print it out and keep it.
  • Set your computer up comfortably. This will help to make your work feel easier, meaning that you will be able to carry on working for longer. If you don’t feel like you have enough space to work comfortably, it’s time to invest in a desk with a larger surface area.
  • Make your workspace attractive. This might not be at the forefront of your mind when you’re considering how to use your office to its full potential,  but actually, if you make it an attractive and pleasant place to be, you will be more likely to want to spend time there. A well-designed workspace is always a good use of space.

What to Look for in Office Furniture

Offices have unique furnishing requirements. If you are a business professional and are looking to set up your office, there is a lot that you should be thinking about. We have put together a list of some of the key considerations so that you can make sure the furniture you select fits the bill.

Workplace efficiency. You want to ensure that your office is set up to give your employees flexibility so that they can work comfortably.If you want a workforce who will work as hard as they can, make sure they are comfortable and happy.

Health and safety. Make sure employees are safe above everything else. Check their workstations and make sure they have been properly assessed, for example, check their chairs and the desks are at a comfortable height and are giving them enough support.

Cost. Price has to come into your decision of course, but make sure it’s not the be all and end all. Buy what you and your employees need.

Space. Make sure your furniture gives you as much space and storage as you need. Lay it out in such a way as to give you plenty of working space, and to make the most of the space you have. Check that there is plenty of communal storage, like racking and filing cabinets, as well as personal storage for individuals. People should have access to desk drawers and plenty of desk space for their personal items.

Openness. Is your furniture laid out so that employees can easily work together and collaborate? A good office setup will include communal areas with things like sofas, comfortable chairs and flip charts so that employees can get together and brainstorm.

Home Office – Ergonomic and suitable home offices

When you’re thinking about updating your home office it’s hard to know where to start.


It’s sometimes difficult to decide the style, the furniture or even if you are looking for home office or garden office.

  • Ergonomic and suitable home offices are ideal for long days of work
  • Free-standing furniture and accessories; you can find a wide range available online and offline

But before you start buying, have a think about what you really want to do with your office?

Needs to reflect your personality, and your ideas through the design, the colours and the style. Tell us your ideas, suggestions and share your projects with us!