Office Lighting – it has to be Right

Whether your office is part of your home, is housed in a separate building or is within a larger office complex, the lighting has to be right. For a space that is designed for working, lighting is so important. It will help you to be more productive in your office and, if you employ staff, will help them to be more comfortable and to be as productive as possible.

Think about the positioning of your windows when designing the lighting for your office. They should not be positioned behind a computer screen and if this is unavoidable, you should install solid blinds so that it’s possible to block out the glare when needed. It may be more beneficial to install roof lights to let in more natural light without directly affecting the computer screen. You should also make sure the artificial lighting you use is adequate, for the times when there isn’t enough natural light. Think about a suspended ceiling and soft yet bright lighting that is as close to sunlight as possible.

Written By Sarah Whitcomb