Pros and cons of artificial flowers in your office.

Fresh flowers or plants are a nice addition to any office but can be quite expensive to keep replacing if they die. They also require maintenance usually by office staff which is a task often forgotten. You can however place artificial flower displays in your office so you still get the aesthetic appeal in your office. We have listed the pros and cons of artificial flowers.


1. Artificial flowers will last considerably longer than a fresh cut flower display.

2. Artificial flowers require minimal maintenance apart from the odd dust now and then there is no further upkeep.

3. They look visually appealing and can brighten up and breathe some life into a dull room.


1. Cost – initially artificial flowers can be quite costly but this is a one-off cost.

2. Placement – it is not a wise idea to place artificial flowers in direct sunlight as they will fade over time.

3. Certain flowers and plants actually purify the air and can improve productivity in employees, artificial flowers will not have the same effect.

Are expensive office chairs worth the investment?

Office chairs come in all colours, shapes, and sizes now and many have nifty features also. You can pick up office chairs generally from around £50 up to £1500. A £1500 office chair seems very steep to a lot of people but are they worth investing in?

Investing in a brand-new expensive chair will come with a selection of benefits that you will struggle to find in cheaper options. One of the biggest benefits will be the comfort they provide, the more expensive options come with several customisation settings meaning you will be a lot more comfortable.

Another benefit that you will find in higher priced office chairs are they are designed with posture in mind. Certain office chairs can be a much better option for your health. They can provide you with proper support to your spine, alleviate shoulder and neck pains, and help with circulation.

So, in conclusion, an office chair that comes with all the extras that support good health and comfort are a great option but this doesn’t always mean it will be the most expensive option. There are several mid-priced chairs on the market that can match up to more expensive ones.

Hiring a cleaner

Most businesses have outsourced cleaning to the professionals and many homes are following suit. Getting help with cleaning has become a necessity for a lot of people and businesses who are far too busy to maintain all of the cleaning tasks needed.

There are several options out there if you are looking to hire a cleaner for your home or a cleaning company but what should you be looking for?

1. Do your research – letting someone into your home or business requires a great deal of trust so you will need to do some research first. Check out reviews and ask around for recommendations.

2. If you are hiring an individual cleaner rather than a company, please always check references. These are always performed when a company hires new staff and should be the same for individuals.

3. Arrange a meeting or pre-visit – if you are looking to hire, we always advise to meet face to face first.

Specialist upholstery cleaning?

In every commercial premises it is vital to regularly clean furniture in areas that are frequently visited by customers. Dirty or stained sofas or chairs are not a good look and can deter potential customers.

The same also applies for areas where your staff work, having clean upholstered office furniture, such as office chairs, will not only boost morale but it also makes for a healthier environment in which to work.

Upholstered furniture tends to pick up a lot of dust and dirt from clothes and are subject to spillages from food and drink. Having your furniture professional cleaned will not only ensure they look clean and smell nice but will also extend the life of fabrics.

Most of the time it is more cost effective for a company to outsource upholstery cleaning to a specialist company rather than replace. Sometimes all an old worn out chair requires is a good deep clean to give it a new lease of life.

Building a Log Cabin Office in your Garden

A log cabin can make the perfect space for a home office, giving you a room away from the rest of the house that will allow you to have some peace whilst completing your work. If you find that you get distracted by what is going on in your house, then having a separate office can be a great idea. In fact, it doesn’t need to be a log cabin, necessarily – the main thing is that you can have an office away from distractions in a peaceful, quiet space.

If you have a cabin for your office, then you can personalise it and design it however you want. This is one of the best aspects of having your own office; the customisation stage. Choose a design scheme that works for you, and select furniture that will be both practical and comfortable for your work patterns. Make sure this space is somewhere you can really get your head down.

Creating a Home Office

Creating a home office from scratch require planning, vision and a lot of work, but it is made much easier if you have a good fit out contractor on your side. This is important if your home office is going to be your primary place of work, and you need it to be professional. Perhaps you will see clients there, and at the very least, it needs to be a productive working environment. 

Find a fit out contractor who is used to working with smaller spaces and will personalise your space to meet your needs. Many can also offer space planning and design services, meaning they can do everything you need. You won’t need to go to architects and obtain plans first; your fit out contractor will work with you to achieve your perfect office. They will analyse your space to help you fit in as much as you can.

Painting your Own Office Furniture

Office furniture doesn’t have to be boring and sterile. You can make your office furniture as fun and as attractive as you like, and what better way to do so than by painting it yourself? You will save yourself a lot of money by upcycling furniture and if you decide you want to make some changes to the furniture itself, then you can also sand parts down and change its shape. For example, if you decide that you would like to make the drawers on your desk fit into it better, then you can do this with a little DIY.

You should always make sure you have a smooth surface to paint, so if your furniture is rough around the edges, sand it down first. Use tape to mark out the edges, making sure you don’t paint over the lines. Your office will have a new lease of life when you have finished.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Office Cleaning Services

Hygiene is always an important factor to take care of, and where you work and live. You require maintaining your office tidy and clean since dirty places will portray a bad picture on your customers. An unhealthy environment will lead to risks to your employees. In addition to your workplace, you additionally need to make sure that your home is always clean to give full protection for your family members. It’s not always good to clean the office without any expert help, is it? Well, There are many well-known cleaning organization that can help you. In this article, you will learn about the advantages of contract cleaning services from a famous company. Continue reading “Benefits of Hiring Professional Office Cleaning Services”

Getting the Most Out of your Staff in an Office Environment

The office space you design can have a bearing on the performance of your staff within the building. An office is more than just a room; it is a place where people can spend the majority of their time during the week and it needs to inspire. Make sure you take staff into consideration when you are designing an office space.

On the most basic level, make sure you staff can carry out their jobs safely within their office environment. This means ensuring the layout works in terms of health and safety, making sure there is enough storage to avoid trip hazards and giving your staff plenty of work space.

It’s also important you make sure your staff can work happily in your building. Think about different ways of working and create zones, for example, put together an open plan work space with sofas and whiteboards for brainstorming sessions. Make sure the building is generally and enjoyable and comfortable place to be, for work time and leisure time.

Choosing an Office Fit Out Contractor

If you’ve just moved into a new office building or you are looking to develop a new office space, you will need to find an office fit out contractor who is able to carry out the work. It is usually a good idea to choose one contractor to complete the entire job, as they will get to know you whole project and will know what you want. Here are some tips to choose the right fit out contractor:

  • Talk to them about what you want. Make sure the contractor you choose understand your business and what you need from your office space.
  • Choose someone experienced. They will be able to give plenty of advice based on the different businesses they have worked with.
  • Look at their previous jobs. See images of office fit outs and design/ development projects the contractors have worked on. This will give you an overall impression of their work.