Choosing the Perfect Desk

A desk is the central part of any office space. It’s where you will be sitting, completing work and carrying out all your tasks, so it has to inspire you. Therefore, choosing the right one for you is essential. We have put together a checklist to help you find the right desk for you:

  • Decide what your budget is. Desks can be bought incredibly cheaply, but they might also come in at quite a high price if you want a more premium option. Decide what is right for you and don’t go over your budget. There are lots of options available, so if you don’t find the perfect desk straight away, don’t panic.
  • Think about height. Make sure that the desk you want will fit with your existing chair, or any new chair that you might be considering buying. Think about how it will feel for you to work at it and be careful not to choose furniture that will leave you either unable to reach it properly or stooping over.
  • See the desk in real life if you can. This will help you to understand how it looks, how practical it is and how usable it is for you personally.
  • Decide on the look that is right for you. Do you need something that is functional and long-lasting like plastic or pretend wood, or will you only settle for real wood? How important is appearance to you, and will you be willing to compromise for comfort and price?
  • Don’t choose style over substance. It’s all very well having a beautiful mahogany desk that takes centre stage in your office, but it has to be comfortable too. If you select a wooden desk, make sure it is finished well and won’t leave splinters. Also check things like height, width and the amount of space you will have for storage.

Written By Sarah Whitcomb