Pros and cons of artificial flowers in your office.

Fresh flowers or plants are a nice addition to any office but can be quite expensive to keep replacing if they die. They also require maintenance usually by office staff which is a task often forgotten. You can however place artificial flower displays in your office so you still get the aesthetic appeal in your office. We have listed the pros and cons of artificial flowers.


1. Artificial flowers will last considerably longer than a fresh cut flower display.

2. Artificial flowers require minimal maintenance apart from the odd dust now and then there is no further upkeep.

3. They look visually appealing and can brighten up and breathe some life into a dull room.


1. Cost – initially artificial flowers can be quite costly but this is a one-off cost.

2. Placement – it is not a wise idea to place artificial flowers in direct sunlight as they will fade over time.

3. Certain flowers and plants actually purify the air and can improve productivity in employees, artificial flowers will not have the same effect.

Written By Sarah Whitcomb