Hiring a cleaner

Most businesses have outsourced cleaning to the professionals and many homes are following suit. Getting help with cleaning has become a necessity for a lot of people and businesses who are far too busy to maintain all of the cleaning tasks needed.

There are several options out there if you are looking to hire a cleaner for your home or a cleaning company but what should you be looking for?

1. Do your research – letting someone into your home or business requires a great deal of trust so you will need to do some research first. Check out reviews and ask around for recommendations.

2. If you are hiring an individual cleaner rather than a company, please always check references. These are always performed when a company hires new staff and should be the same for individuals.

3. Arrange a meeting or pre-visit – if you are looking to hire, we always advise to meet face to face first.

Written By Sarah Whitcomb