What Colour Should You Have in Your Home Office?

It is commonly accepted that colours affect our mood and behaviour. Even the different hues or intensity levels (saturation) of any one colour can have different affects. So when choosing the colours in your home office you may want to keep this in mind and choose colours that are going to be best for your productivity and positivity.

The colour blue helps to stimulate the mind and help people stay focused.

Red stimulates energy levels and evokes a sense of urgency. Too much red could make you feel anxious so it might be best when balanced with a more calming colour.

The colour yellow evokes emotion and creativity. It helps to lift spirits and stimulate happiness.

Green brings balance, calm and reassurance.

Combines the happiness of yellow and the high energy of red.

Combination of red’s energy and blue’s productivity and has commonly been associated with royalty and power.

A balanced combination of a couple of these colours could help evoke several different moods at once. One thing to keep in mind is that different cultures can have different feelings about certain colours so it is really down to figuring out which colours make you feel the best.

Written By Sarah Whitcomb