Five Benefits of Keeping Your Home Office Clean and Tidy

There are several important benefits to keeping a clean workspace:

1. Good First Impression- anytime a customer, client or business associate were to visit or virtually view your workspace via a video call, it is important to present a clean, tidy and efficient environment.

2. Happiness and Productivity- a clean work environment is proven to be mood-boosting and improve focus, so that you are able to be as productive as possible.

3. Health- when you spend long hours in one space it creates a breeding ground for bacteria, keeping your home office clean helps keep you healthier.

4. Hazard Reduction- keeping a clean and tidy space ensures that trip hazards or obstacles that could impede movement are reduced. This will help keep you safer.

5. Organisation- when an office space is clean and tidy it makes finding things easier, aids organisation and decreases time wastage.

These benefits are well worth the effort into ensuring your workplace is clean, tidy and well-organised, so that you can be safer, happier and more productive.

Written By Sarah Whitcomb