Tips for Creating a Home Office in Your Garage

When working from home, it is imperative to create a separate space that is dedicated to being productive, away from the comforts and distractions of your personal life. One excellent place to set up an office is in your garage. You may find that there is a corner that you could clear out and set up comfortably to work in.


• Clean the space thoroughly before bringing in any office furniture. Get rid of cobwebs, dust and dirt.

• Paint the walls and ceiling a light colour, to brighten things up or possibly just the area you have sectioned off for your office.

• Ensure that you have good lighting. You may need an put a lamp in, if there is not otherwise sufficient lighting.

• Keep yourself comfortable with either a space heater or fan.

• Ensure that you have enough outlets to safely plug in all electrical items.

• Consider a dehumidifier, if necessary.

• If doing a full garage upgrade, insulate the walls.

You can use these tips to do as much or a little of a renovation to carve out your office space, as you want to.

Written By Sarah Whitcomb