Organising Your Home Office

One thing that is so easy to do, is to allow your office to become cluttered and disorderly, when you are extremely busy and short on time. However, it is incredibly important to your mental health and the productivity of your work, that you take the time to organise and sort out your office space. Working in a space that is too busy and cluttered can lead to you misplacing important notes or paperwork or becoming mentally bogged down from the mess.

Quick Tips for Office Organisation

1. One drawer at a time- to help you get more organised, take the time to organise one drawer a day, just to help slowly tackle the clutter.

2. Throw away 3 things- pick three unnecessary things that have found their way into your workspace and throw them out.

3. Keep desktop clear- try keeping your desktop clear of any unnecessary items for one week and just see how much better that makes you feel.

Just doing a few simple things like the tips above can help you better manage the mess and clutter that tends to build up in your home office. By working towards a mess-free work space you will feel more productive and creative.

Written By Sarah Whitcomb