Office Fit-Out Services

What makes a good office fit out service? You might find the most fairly priced, highly recommended office fit out can offer, but if it isn’t right for you, then it is never going to be worth the money, time and investment. You need to find an office fit out service that suits you and your personal needs.

How do you go about finding this kind of service? This is a step by step guide to finding a fit out company for your office space, and working out whether they are going to be able to offer you everything you need without having to outsource to work to other contractors.

Your guide to finding the ideal fit out contractor:

1. Do your research. Look up companies that sound like they would meet your needs on paper and find everything you can about them. The internet is a great search tool and you might just be surprised what you are able to find, without having to look very hard at all. You can see reviews from other companies who have had an office fit out – you might not want the exact same services, but it will be very telling about the kind of service you can expect to receive. If other companies are happy, it is more likely you are going to be happy as well.

2. Know what you want to get out of the service. You might not know exactly what this means in terms of the office you will end up with – this is where you will need the help of the professionals. Only you can know your needs though, so spend plenty of time ahead of your appointment with the fit out company thinking about what you actually intend to get out of the service. Do you know that storage is an issue? Do you need an office space that can grow with your team? Is lighting an issue for you? If you go into the process knowing what you need to solve, the contractor can tell you about how they could solve it.

3. Check portfolios and case studies. If the website documents previous jobs with details and photographs, make the most of it and look through these case studies thoroughly. If the company has work that they are proud to show off an office fit out online, this is a good sign. At the same time, it isn’t the end of the world if they don’t have a good online presence. It could very well be the case that they are so busy they don’t need to promote themselves online – lots of good fit out companies get work through word of mouth.

4. Find someone local. Look for a contractor who can easily serve your area, so you know they are working in an area they know and they will be able to reach your offices easily. When you get in touch, it should be easy for them to come out and give you a quotation.

Written By Sarah Whitcomb