Building a Log Cabin Office in your Garden

A log cabin can make the perfect space for a home office, giving you a room away from the rest of the house that will allow you to have some peace whilst completing your work. If you find that you get distracted by what is going on in your house, then having a separate office can be a great idea. In fact, it doesn’t need to be a log cabin, necessarily – the main thing is that you can have an office away from distractions in a peaceful, quiet space.

If you have a cabin for your office, then you can personalise it and design it however you want. This is one of the best aspects of having your own office; the customisation stage. Choose a design scheme that works for you, and select furniture that will be both practical and comfortable for your work patterns. Make sure this space is somewhere you can really get your head down.

Creating a Home Office

Creating a home office from scratch require planning, vision and a lot of work, but it is made much easier if you have a good fit out contractor on your side. This is important if your home office is going to be your primary place of work, and you need it to be professional. Perhaps you will see clients there, and at the very least, it needs to be a productive working environment. 

Find a fit out contractor who is used to working with smaller spaces and will personalise your space to meet your needs. Many can also offer space planning and design services, meaning they can do everything you need. You won’t need to go to architects and obtain plans first; your fit out contractor will work with you to achieve your perfect office. They will analyse your space to help you fit in as much as you can.

Painting your Own Office Furniture

Office furniture doesn’t have to be boring and sterile. You can make your office furniture as fun and as attractive as you like, and what better way to do so than by painting it yourself? You will save yourself a lot of money by upcycling furniture and if you decide you want to make some changes to the furniture itself, then you can also sand parts down and change its shape. For example, if you decide that you would like to make the drawers on your desk fit into it better, then you can do this with a little DIY.

You should always make sure you have a smooth surface to paint, so if your furniture is rough around the edges, sand it down first. Use tape to mark out the edges, making sure you don’t paint over the lines. Your office will have a new lease of life when you have finished.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Office Cleaning Services

Hygiene is always an important factor to take care of, and where you work and live. You require maintaining your office tidy and clean since dirty places will portray a bad picture on your customers. An unhealthy environment will lead to risks to your employees. In addition to your workplace, you additionally need to make sure that your home is always clean to give full protection for your family members. It’s not always good to clean the office without any expert help, is it? Well, There are many well-known cleaning organization that can help you. In this article, you will learn about the advantages of contract cleaning services from a famous company. Continue reading “Benefits of Hiring Professional Office Cleaning Services”

Getting the Most Out of your Staff in an Office Environment

The office space you design can have a bearing on the performance of your staff within the building. An office is more than just a room; it is a place where people can spend the majority of their time during the week and it needs to inspire. Make sure you take staff into consideration when you are designing an office space.

On the most basic level, make sure you staff can carry out their jobs safely within their office environment. This means ensuring the layout works in terms of health and safety, making sure there is enough storage to avoid trip hazards and giving your staff plenty of work space.

It’s also important you make sure your staff can work happily in your building. Think about different ways of working and create zones, for example, put together an open plan work space with sofas and whiteboards for brainstorming sessions. Make sure the building is generally and enjoyable and comfortable place to be, for work time and leisure time.

Home Office – Ergonomic and suitable home offices

When you’re thinking about updating your home office it’s hard to know where to start.


It’s sometimes difficult to decide the style, the furniture or even if you are looking for home office or garden office.

  • Ergonomic and suitable home offices are ideal for long days of work
  • Free-standing furniture and accessories; you can find a wide range available online and offline

But before you start buying, have a think about what you really want to do with your office?

Needs to reflect your personality, and your ideas through the design, the colours and the style. Tell us your ideas, suggestions and share your projects with us!