How to Feng Shui Your Home Office in 5 Easy Steps

Feng Shui is an ancient pseudoscience that guides how things should be arranged in a room or building to optimise the flow of positive energy. By applying it to your home office, it is believed to increase your productivity, creativity and success. Here are five easy ‘beginners’ tips to improving your home office.

1. Clear any blockages. Ensure that there is nothing restricting movement in your office, especially near any doors or windows.

2. Tackle the Clutter. If there is too much furniture or clutter in the room, get rid of it. Having a tidy and clutter free space will put your mind at ease. Only have the things you LOVE or bring you joy present.

3. Fix broken items or throw them out. It could be something as simple as a lightbulb that is burnt out or a crack switch plate. Anything that is in disrepair fix it or get rid of it.

4. Clean up. Circulate fresh air, clean window and hoover, do anything you can to provide yourself with a fresh clean space to help you get your creativity activated.

5. Add life into your home office. Having something like thriving plant, a small water feature or a happy fish can greatly add to the flow of positive energy in your office. By adding a mirror directly across from whatever is lovely or beautiful in or around your office will help to reflect and amplify that beauty.

Written By Sarah Whitcomb