How to Create a Home Office Space

If you have the luxury of a loft, spare room, shed or basement to set up as a home office, you already have an excellent advantage but if not, that’s ok. This just means you might need to get a little more creative in deciding on a space to use as a multi-purpose room or find a little spot in the house that you can carve out to create your work space. With home-working it is important to create a designated area for getting work done rather than just at the kitchen table, sofa or bed. If you have an actual work area, this will help you be more focused and have a home/work separation. One way to do this is by using a strategically placed screen, plants, curtains or a cupboard to separate your living space from your work space.

Things to include into your work space:

• A good chair
• Have things around you that you love to look at
• Have a plant nearby as they are calming and provide fresh oxygen
• If possible, have a comfy spot to relax, have a cuppa or take phone calls
• Ensure you have a tidy clutter-free space, clutter makes you feel uneasy and anxious
• Have good lighting, natural light is best
• Practical office accessories, ensure they are fit for purpose and functional

Written By Sarah Whitcomb